24 York Gardens, Winterbourne, Bristol, BS36 1QT
01454 772857 / 07513 101 866 info@movid.co.uk

Memories on Video – About Us

We are both from Flintshire, North Wales. We moved to the Bristol area in the 1970s this explains our lack of West country accent when you speak to us – but you should hear our children – and our grandchildren!

WE NO LONGER DO CINE FILMS, just VHS and Camcorder videos – from October 2020.

Our studio and office is located in purpose built extensions at the rear of our home – 24 York Gardens – where we have lived since 1977. Why not look us up on “Google Earth” just type in “BS36 1QT” You’ll see York Gardens as the road alongside the playing fields. Zoom in – that’s our premises with the “brickwork garden” at front and rear (two circles in rear area) -well, we are far too busy to mow lawns!! You can see our extensions at the back – our studio and offices

My own background involved professional photography and cine film making in the 1960s/’70s and it was my enthusiasm for these topics which led me into the field of video when it first became widely popular in the early 1980s – “Memories On Video” was established then, to provide previously non-existent services to the general public.

I actually devised the processes which we use here – and these are unique, producing results which are far superior to any other systems which I have seen. Obviously, as the TV systems changed and improved over the years- various devices coming along – all the way up to the present HD players, I have upgraded my processes to best accomplish the best achievable quality.