24 York Gardens, Winterbourne, Bristol, BS36 1QT
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Memories on Video – About Us

We are both from Flintshire, North Wales. We moved to the Bristol area in the 1970s this explains our lack of West country accent when you speak to us – but you should hear our children – and our grandchildren!

WE NO LONGER DO CINE FILMS, just VHS and Camcorder videos – from October 2020.

Our studio and office is located in purpose built extensions at the rear of our home – 24 York Gardens – where we have lived since 1977. Why not look us up on “Google Earth” just type in “BS36 1QT” You’ll see York Gardens as the road alongside the playing fields. Zoom in – that’s our premises with the “brickwork garden” at front and rear (two circles in rear area) -well, we are far too busy to mow lawns!! You can see our extensions at the back – our studio and offices

My own background involved professional photography and cine film making in the 1960s/’70s and it was my enthusiasm for these topics which led me into the field of video when it first became widely popular in the early 1980s – “Memories On Video” was established then, to provide previously non-existent services to the general public.

I actually devised the processes which we use here – and these are unique, producing results which are far superior to any other systems which I have seen. Obviously, as the TV systems changed and improved over the years- various devices coming along – all the way up to the present HD players, I have upgraded my processes to best accomplish the best achieveable quality.

I firmly believe that I, as an individual, have transferred more cine film to video than any other individual in the world! – YES REALLY!

Elsewhere on the site, you can read about some disastrous results which customers have had with transfers by other companies who claim to be able to do what we do. In particular, the National Newspaper ‘Reader Offers’ have produced many awful stories -some examples later.

Typically, the larger operators offer a ‘service’ at a ‘silly price’ – BUT – who actually DOES the job?! – I know of some who employed jobseeker youngsters, paying them a pittance – and they simply didn’t have a clue! – often, actually damaging the priceless materials entrusted to them. You’re only going to get this job done once – please don’t risk losing your memories – yes – that’s actually happened too! This warning also applies to the various local shops which take in video transfer work – the probability is that they simply send the priceless materials to some ‘Cowboy Outfit’ for ‘processing’

Be very suspicious if you can’t actually speak on the phone to the person who is going to do the work for you! You are most welcome to call us on 01454 772857 with any questions you might have about our services. Emily usually answers the phone and certainly she can deal with MOST questions you may have, if necessary she’ll call Cliff to speak with you.

Our customers have included The BBC and ITV companies as well as many National institutions (Police, Hospitals, Fire Services, Educational establishments, The Scout Association – we copied all of Baden Powell’s home movies for them ! – and many others). We have also been privileged to have been of service to many famous “celebrities” and most significantly, to many tens of thousands of customers from the general public.

Many customers over the years have expressed an interest in what it’s like to do what we do here, “don’t you get sick of the sight of each other, being together 24/7 ?” Well, we have always worked very well together and our typical working day is like this………..

We start work about 7.30 am every day (mostly weekends too!). There are always a lot of e.mails to answer and I update our website with a fresh ‘customer feedback’ message every day. Ready to start ‘rolling’ about 8am we begin the very enjoyable work of transferring cine films to DVD. Every job is done with the greatest possible care and the transfer process is monitored closely by both of us.

At 9am Emily drives to our local BS36 sorting office to deliver our outgoing mail and to collect our incoming mail – there is always LOTS of both! On her return she attends to the various orders that have arrived – quantifying and checking remittances, keeping accurate records for those lovely people at HM inland revenue/VAT, and then she prepares the orders to pass to the studio in the correct order for attention

The phone goes a LOT! keeping Emily on her toes! I am working non-stop until 12 noon when we both stop for our lunch break. By lunchtime, we will have completed a LOT of cine film orders, together with many video/camcorder tape copies to DVD and also the audio tapes to CD. The lunch break is a welcome rest period – I like to relax in our conservatory while Emily prefers to watch lunchtime TV in our lounge.

Resuming work at 1 pm we continue ‘flat out’ until 5 pm when we have our evening meal. Then, invariably I am in and out of the studio all evening attending to the tape copying machines – many of the tapes submitted for transfer to DVD are 4 hours long, and these do take at least 4 hours to copy. There are often several tape repairs to be done and often, some ‘special commission jobs’ ( fot the Scout Association, Kings College Hospital (often very gory films!), various archivists – and lots more)

A VERY full working day – EVERY day! – just as well that we are both passionate about this work then!