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Camera Cards In HD Camcorders (by Cliff Williams)

Camera Cards In HD Camcorders

On this website, you will see my article ‘History Of Video Camera And Camcorder Recording

I conclude ‘they can’t get any smaller can they………..?

Well of course they have! –no surprise there!

Firstly, a word about my perception of a radical change in attitude of home movie makers-

For as long as I can remember, families have recorded their history in moving pictures in the various ways described in my earlier article i.e putting down images on various media with the intention of having a PERMANENT record of ‘family memories’………however, over the last decade I have become increasingly aware that this practice has virtually ceased.

Most people nowadays have mobile phones – and smart phones, which have the capacity to record video.

Typically I see (for one example) lots of filming being done at my grandson’s boxing tournaments by parents recording their son’s (and daughter’s) bouts. These recordings are available to view immediately, of course and they are taken home for viewing by others – then, in most cases, I believe that they are deleted! In order to make space for the next ‘worthy’ event – perhaps the school sports day………………whatever!

Thus, as I see it, there is no permanent recording of family events………..for the first time in decades!

In my opinion, every family should invest in a ‘stand alone’ HD camcorder which is used to produce HD images recorded on a camera card. These are NOT expensive – I have just acquired a ‘Kodak play>sport’ which is phone size and very robust (shockproof to 1.5m) and even waterproof (to 3m)

The HD images and sound are absolutely excellent when the camera is connected to HD TV via the HDMI cable which is provided. Of course, these images can be downloaded and edited/stored –but I believe that this is NOT done by most people – they erase the card when it’s full, and then go again!

I have therefore concluded that it’s time to provide a ‘Memories On Video’ service to enable the permanent retention of these PRICELESS memories on a permanent medium. I have been asked to do this with increasing regularity.

I therefore announce the introduction of our latest service HD VIDEO CAMERA CARD RECORDINGS TO Blu-ray disk.

IMPORTANT!!! Only MOVING pictures will be transferred, still images on the same card will be ignored by our process.

I have decided to start this by offering a ONE price £20 (however long the programme) service to copy ANY camera card to Blu-ray.

Typical services that are now on offer include:

  • Camera card to Blu-ray
  • SD card to Blu-ray
  • SDXC card to Blu-ray
  • Micro SD card to Blu-ray
  • Flash Drive to Blu-ray
  • Compact flash card to blu-ray
  • Sony QD card to Blu-ray
  • Memory card to Blu-ray
  • Picture card to Blu-ray
  • Digital video card to Blu-ray
  • Video camera card to Blu-ray
  • Camera card to DVD
  • SD card to DVD
  • SDXC card to DVD
  • Micro SD card to DVD
  • Flash Drive to DVD
  • Compact flash card to DVD
  • Sony QD card to DVD
  • Memory card to DVD
  • Picture card to DVD
  • Digital video card to DVD
  • Video camera card to DVD