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Cine Films – Transfer Cine Film to Digital DVD

A detailed description of our cine film to DVD service follows below. Some customers prefer to phone us at this point -to ‘discuss’ – sometimes it’s just ‘too much to read’. The most frequent ‘initial concern’ is ‘Can it be downloaded and edited’ – YES it can…

Now here’s the full description..

ALL cine to DVD transfers are done by Cliff – NEVER by anyone else! – its a difficult and demanding process to transfer cine film to DVD and it requires great patience and dexterity of fingers! Absolutely ANY size and length of film may be submitted -16mm, 9.5mm, Standard 8mm, Super 8mm.

The first thing to do is to determine what length of film you are sending, in total, as it is this (and ONLY this) which fixes the price for the transfer of cine film to DVD.

This is easily accomplished by measuring the film across the widest part of the spool which holds it – i.e. the diameter of the spool. Then simply apply the following guide (and I still work in feet and inches!)

Spool Diameter Length
3 inches 50 feet 
IMPORTANT! – Please see note below *
5 inches 200 feet
7 inches 400 feet.
9 inches 600 feet.
Cine Film to Digital DVD

The photograph shows typical spools of 8mm film which arrive here every day:-

  • The three light grey coloured ones are 50ft spools of Standard 8mm and the black one of same size is Super 8mm (note the central ‘hole’ is larger on the Super 8) this size of spool measures 3 inches across (about 8cm. if you must!)
  • The two colourless (clear plastic) ones are 200ft and they measure 5 inches across (13cm)
  • The two largest are 400ft spools and they measure 7 inches across (18cm)
  • The pen and the coins are simply to give you an impression of the ‘scale’


The footages quoted apply of course, if the spools are FULL (but we assume that ANY spool has a minimum of 50 feet). If the larger spools are not full, there are usually graduation marks to show the actual length on the spool – or you can apply ‘common sense’ – e’g. a 400 ft spool only half full can be counted as 200 feet. Please use the FEET measurements – NOT the metric ones.

These are the most common sizes, there ARE larger ones – you can phone us for help if you wish. Simply add up your TOTAL footage and apply the following to get the price.

The price

The FIRST 100 feet is £25 (which is our minimum charge) then each subsequent 100 feet is £12 (or £6 per 50 feet) so:

  • 100 feet = £25
  • 150 feet = £31
  • 200 feet = £37
  • 300 feet = £49
  • 400 feet = £61
  • 500 feet = £73
  • 600 feet = £85
  • and so on (any odd 50 feet, add £6).

* Early 8mm film is often still found in its original Kodak cardboard mailing boxes. Original boxes containing standard 8mm cine film states that the reel contains 25ft of film. This is because early standard 8mm cine film was indeed supplied in 25ft lengths, but was, in fact, 16mm wide. The user ran the film through the camera, filming on only one side of the film, and at the end removed the cine film from the camera, flipped it over and ran the film through again. The film processor then split the film down the middle and spliced the two ends together to produce 50ft of processed 8mm cine film. The 50 ft unit was the universal standard for 8mm cine films. Enthusiasts would splice together (typically) 4 to make 200ft (5 inch spool) or 8 to make 400 ft or 12 to make a 9 inch spool.

We accept any size of spool and we will gladly accurately quantify any order sent for our attention.You will be informed of the cost for your transfer – with absolutely no obligation on you to actually proceed.

Running time

8 mm film (the most common) runs at 800 feet per HOUR of screen time. 16 mm and 9.5mm runs at 1600 feet per HOUR of screen time. DVD disks take up to 4 hours of recording – and please note that once the original transfer is completed, additional copies are just £10 per DVD.

We have been recommended by “Polaroid”, since the early 1980s for the transfer of their special film cassettes -(Polavision) these (and all other types of cassette) are 50 feet lengths. Please note that I have to take the films out of the cassettes for transfer, so the cine film is returned to you on a spool (or spools) with the completed Digital transfer.

Most important

Please note that ALL of your cine film is returned to you with the completed Digital transfer – more often than not in better condition than when you sent it. Our transfer cine film to DVD service is second to none.

The service

Please don’t worry about the condition of your films – I’ve seen everything from tangled messes (which I sort out, if humanly possible) to (rarely) films in pristine condition. Basically, what I do is as follows. I examine the films prior to transfer, removing any lengthy blank sections (I NEVER remove pictures). If I consider it necessary, I CLEAN the films – and almost always, I have to reinstate poor or broken film splicing. When satisfied, I conduct the transfer process (electronically, on my own designed unique system) – adding what I consider to be appropriate music -FREE- and the FREE title which you may specify. You may number your films in the sequence which you’d like them to appear, I will certainly transfer them in that order – but I will NOT accept responsibility for YOUR errors in sequence – wrongly labelled spools are quite common!

The FREE title

When I transfer cine film to DVD you can, at the beginning, specify exactly what title you’d like – typically “The Smith family memories – 1948 to 1979” or “Our holiday in Majorca 1968” or “Julie and John’s Wedding” – or whatever! Additional titles are £3 each – these MUST come at the beginning of a spool of film – they can not be inserted in mid spool. Many people compile a Digital “album” – perhaps of four spools of film, with a title for each (on the same Digital disk).

The FREE background music

Some films have their own soundstripe, which can be reproduced on the DVD (please indicate on order form) but MOST films do NOT have any sound whatsoever- hence my offer of background music.

Now this really enhances the presentation – making it look almost a “professionally” made TV programme – yes really! Please see the customer feedback on this site, I’m told that I have an uncanny knack of selecting the “right” music – but then I have lived through the periods which relate to most of the films which I process – certainly, you won’t get any “heavy metal beat” – or any “Way Out” stuff – you’ll get music that you’ll enjoy!

You should send your orders, carefully wrapped! via RECORDED DELIVERY from your local post office, this is a very SAFE way to send them. We return all orders via recorded delivery – or large parcels (over 1Kilo) are returned to you via courier. You will see from the order form that we charge just £5 for return carriage of ANY size of completed order. If you wish, we can arrange for your order to be collected from you – for just £10. So £15 covers carriage BOTH ways (Mainland UK Only).

Well I think that just about covers everything which you need to know, but you can always telephone me or Emily if you require any further help.

Please take a look at the letters which we have received. They are just a few, we have received thousands over the years. If you find the above a little ‘daunting’ feel free to simply send your films to us without remittance – we’ll get back to you with an accurate assessment.

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