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We continue to receive great feedback from our customers.

Memories on Video – Customer Feedback

We continue to receive great customer feedback everyday!

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Memories On Video Older feedback from years ago – from our original website.

I sent both cine films and videos to Emily and Cliff they were returned very promptly and were very good quality. It was lovely to be able to see... read more

thumb Leia Sunter
17th July 2020

I sent Cliff and Emily 4 home videos to convert to DVD for my husband’s birthday, including our 20 year old wedding video. The service was impeccable and the... read more

thumb Richie Brew
16th July 2020

Hi Cliff and Emily, Just a quick thank you for your excellent service of converting my 13 tapes, 20 year old footage into DVD! Polite, professional, really quick turn around... read more

thumb Juga Daku
14th July 2020

Hello Cliff and Emily! I received the tapes/disks back on Friday and what can I say? I'm absolutely thrilled to bits! Thank you so much for the fast service and... read more

thumb Kay Byfield
6th July 2020

Absolutely delighted to see these old movies of my dad and late mums dancing nights, which brings back memories of those that now have passed away. Lovely too see them... read more

thumb June Farquhar
6th July 2020

—– Original Message —– 
From: Sharon ****** (via e.mail) 
Sent: Sunday 9th December 2018 
Subject: Camcorder tapes to digital DVD

Hi Cliff and Emily,

I received my latest batch of 5 camcorder hi8 tapes to DVD yesterday.

As before, they are all excellent and your usual ‘express speed’ of return is very much appreciated.

I still have about 20 more to do and will be in touch later – as funds permit!

Many thanks, as always.

Sharon ********

Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. AL7 *** Tel. 0790 *** ***

—– Original Message —– 
From: Margaret ***** (via e.mail) 
Sent: Saturday 8th Decembaer 2018 
Subject: Video tapes to DVD

Mar Hello Cliff and Emily,

I would be remiss to not congratulate you on the outstanding quality that you have achieved with the copying of my tapes to DVDs.

I had previously sent one to a firm in London and the DVD which they sent back just would not play on my equipment and they were most rude and unhelpful when I told them about it. I then sent the same tape to you and, of course, as you produced an excellent copy of it I followed up with my order for ten tapes (mixed camcorder and VHS).

All tapes have been copied superbly and I am extremely pleased with the results and for your speedy return service, the completed jobs were all back with me within a week of my posting them.

I have recommended you to several people who are interested in your service.

Margaret *******

(Muir of Ord, Ross-shire, Scotland. IV6 *** Tel. 01463 *** ***)

—– Original Message —– 
From: Jake ****** (via e.mail) 
Sent: Friday 7th December 2018 
Subject: Mouldy video tape miracle!

Dear Cliff and Emily,………I am pleased to add this to your website feedback page – my message for you two will be evident.

In the 1980s, my father had a huge camcorder, it took full sized VHS cassettes and he filmed us as children throughout the 80s and 1990s with it. We remember well the ‘thrill’ of seeing ourselves on the TV screen and hearing our voices too. In 1984 when dad got it, I was 10 and my brother was 14, our little sister was 6. Dad accumulated a lot of VHS tapes, which unfortunately, he was not that careful about storing, he left them in a shed in the garden and they became mouldy.

I could not find anyone in Ireland who would even look at these tapes, our local TV man said to just throw them away, they are ‘beyond hope’. After a search on Google, I found ‘Memories On video’ and I gave them a call. Emily said to send one tape in for Cliff to ‘have a go’. The tape was back with me within a week. It was rehoused in a new cassette case, the mould had gone …………AND with it was a superb DVD copy of it. Sparkling pictures from 1984 on my HD TV on the wall, absolutely sensational! As crisp and clear as the day they were filmed back in 1984 (the year that ‘Memories On Video’ was born, I have noticed !)

And how much to achieve this ‘miracle’?!! £10 (British Pounds) plus the £5 postage they charged. I would have gladly paid a lot more !

My gratitude to Cliff and Emily knows no bounds! A no-nonsense couple with ethics from a day long gone, what a shame that their ilk seems to have died out in the main.

I will be forwarding the entire collection (over 50) tapes over the course of the coming months. How glad I am to have made that phone call to Emily.

Jake *****(Ennis, County Clare, Ireland) Tel.353 65 *** ***

—– Original Message —– 
From: Judith ***** (via e.mail exchange) 
Sent: Thursday 
Subject: Video and camcorder tapes to DVDs

—– Original Message —– From: Judith Clark To: info@movid.co.uk Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2018 10:34 PM Subject: Memories On Video Web Site Enquiry Dear Cliff and Emily

Two weeks ago you made excellent copies of my family’s old video and camcorder tapes. I would be incredibly grateful if you could make extra copies of the DVDs for me please? There are 8 camcorder tapes and 3 video tapes and I would need 3 copies of each! Would that be possible?

If so, do you want me to send the original tapes? Or the new DVDs?

Yours in hope

Judith Clark

REPLY FROM CLIFF Hi Judith, So glad that you thought our copies to be ‘excellent’ Please send in the TAPES – it’s always best to copy from originals. We can turn around in time for Christmas if you send them NOW. Best regards, Cliff and Emily.

NOTE FROM CLIFF – very busy with Christmas rush – as we have been every year since 1984. Still time to get jobs done in time for Christmas, suggest that you send in as soon as possible.

Original Message —– 
From: Helen ****** (exchange of e.mails) 
Sent: Wednesday 5th December 2018 

—– Original Message —– From: Helen Norton To: info@movid.co.uk Sent: Wednesday, December 05, 2018 4:22 PM Subject: Wedding cine film Sent from Mail for Windows 10 Hi Cliff and Emily

Many thanks for our wedding DVD which we received today and are very pleased with. There is just one minor glitch in that my husband’s name, on the title, has been misread as ROY when it is RON. I made sure I printed the required names on the order form clearly. Do you think that we are legally married!

I was unable to leave a review on Google as I don’t have an account and therefore couldn’t get on the site.

However I have recommended you to my other sister (her wedding is even older!) Once again thank you for your very prompt service and we would not hesitate to use you again.

Yours sincerely Helen Norton (Mrs) ( Wedding – 1 August 1981 -cine film to DVD completed on 4 December 2018)

REPLY FROM CLIFF…….Oh dear Helen, I am Sooooo sorry for this ridiculous error! YES you had it correct on the order form. I have contacted the Scotter Parish Church registrar – he confirms that despite my appalling error, your marital status in unaffected ! To be serious, I do apologise most sincerely and I have already corrected the caption on my digital master and have made a fresh DVD – with correct spellings!!! Emily will post this via ‘ordinary’ (not signed for) mail tomorrow, please let me know that you receive it OK. What a lovely couple you made on your wedding day! 37 years ago!…..we’ve been married 54 years ! Best regards, Cliff

All’s well that ends well ! (Cliff)

—– Original Message —– 
From: Evelyn ****** (via e.mail) 
Sent: Wednesday 5th December 2018 
Subject: Video tapes to copy to DVD

Dear Emily,

As discussed on phone I am sending two video tapes.

One of them is by yourselves in the 1990s of most of our cine film collection, the other is by a firm in Stratford On Avon of some other cine films. (You can see how much better is your work!) As stated I want 6 copies of your job and 3 copies of the other one, I have stuck sticky notes on so that you are sure.

I look forward to receiving the completed work at your convenience.

Thanking you,

Evelyn *****

(St.Johns, Worcester. WR2 ***) Tel. 07513 *** ***

—– Original Message —–
From: Judith Clark (a Google review)
Sent: Tuesday 4th December 2018
Subject: Camcorder tapes to DVDs

Judith Clark

I am so delighted to receive the completed DVD’s !! I really was not expecting them so soon. I had absolutely no idea what was recorded on them, or even if they could be copied.

To see my late husband looking so young and happy was just amazing, and to see our sons as children again – priceless !!!
Thank you both so very, very much.

To anyone thinking about sending off their precious tapes….just DO IT. I cannot fault the care and service you will receive.

Response from the owner11 hours ago Hi Judith, I remember doing your lovely tapes last week. To hear that our work brings so much back to you is very humbling. So glad that you are pleased with what we did. Cliff and Emily XXXX

—– Original Message —–
From: Juliet and Mark via Google review.
Sent: Monday 3rd December 2018
Subject: juliet mark 9 hours ago

Thanks to Cliff and Emily for an everlasting memory, they have transferred our family cine movies to dvd with wonderful effect for a Christmas present to remember. A fantastic service and Cliff and Emily couldn’t have been more helpful. Highly recommended

(owner) Just now Thank you so much Juliet for this review – yes, over the years, our services have provided wonderful Christmas presents. Best regards, Cliff and Emily