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Memories on Video – Frequently Asked Questions

We no longer do cine films, just VHS and Camcorder video tapes.

This page addresses points about which many people have asked us over the years…..

We are sometimes asked “how do you do the cine to DVD transfer” “What system do you use?” “Do you use flying spot?” “Do you use telecine? or Phoenix transfer system?” “Is every frame scanned?” Of course every frame is scanned!!!………..the programme would be otherwise incomplete! “How do you copy videos to DVD!!!” ???????????and about EVERYTHING else we do!!!

The techniques which I use here for all of our works have been developed and updated by myself over the lifetime of the business (est.1984). I firmly believe that my processes provide the very best possible quality of TV reproduction for all cine film to DVD works and indeed for all video tape transfers. In the case of the digital DVD disks which we produce, our customers regularly tell us that they are astonished at the quality we achieve.

Nowadays our disks are invariably played on ‘upscaling’ DVD and Blu-ray players and of course, the picture quality on flat screen HD TVs is far better than ‘the good old days’ of Cathode Ray TVs. – especially on the latest 4K UHD TVS, which I describe in a recent update to the HD Recording.

As time goes by and more and more people offer (on line) apparently similar services to ours. I often get e.mails asking me to comment on what is claimed by these other operators – even including a link for me to click to go to the ‘similar services’ website. Please do NOT send a similar question to me – I will ignore it – I suspect most of them are from my competitors anyway! If I were to reply, this is what you’d get.

“ANYONE, whoever they are, can SAY anything they like on their website. I prefer to let my great number of very satisfied customers, whose messages are shown on our Customer Feedback page (CLICK HERE TO SEE THEM) to vouch for our quality of service – I usually update these EVERY SINGLE DAY and I still receive far more than I actually do add.

Additionally, of course! you can get our FREE DEMO‘ done within 48 hours usually, this enables you to actually see for yourself. Please do not take at face value ANYTHING that anyone tells you about these services, as I tell you elsewhere, many of these are ‘COWBOY OPERATORS’ or simply HOBBYISTS trying to make additional pocket money, regardless of what happens to your priceless materials.”

Now to address some questions which I consider to be worthy of response.




yes of course! MOST are over 40 years old, many are over 70 years old! The earliest films we have done go back to say 1918 which were on 16mm film introduced by the ‘yanks’ during WW1. Then Pathe started the 9.5mm format in the early 1920s, then Kodak with standard(regular) 8mm in 1936- which was simply the existing 16mm split down the middle to give the 8mm. Finally, super 8mm arrived in America in 1963 (very famous super 8 film of Kennedy assassination) and in Europe the next year 1964. Camcorders arrived in the early 1980s – we copy ALL formats. Most cine films are “silent” and can be copied as such, or we can introduce music (VERY popular) if you so wish.

Films with their own soundstripe can have that original sound recording reproduced on the DVD (provided there IS actually recording on it – often there is not!) Please note that it is EITHER soundstripe OR music on an individual spool – NOT both.




Often ‘less is more’ but I’ll do as many words as you can realistically read on the TV screen. Typical titles “Smith Family Memories 1962 – 1977” “Majorca Holiday 1964” “Jenny and David’s Wedding Day, July 15th 1975, at Christ Church Herefod, Best Man Eric Jones, Bridesmaids Alison Ford and Wendy Evans” – or whatever you want. We start every cine to DVD job with a ‘scrolling up’ caption “A Presentation By Memories On Video” then “A programme Compiled From Cine Films” -then the caption/title which YOU have requested.

This then ‘cuts away’ and the pictures start smoothly. It is often a nice feature to credit the film maker “Films made by Jack Davies in the 1960s” Use your imagination – remember, we want you to be delighted!




Yes you can – but this costs more (obviously!) and you’ll need to phone me to discuss the process.




Yes you can, but please group together ALL 16mm, followed by ALL Standard 8mm, followed by ALL super 8mm, Please AVOID “16mm, followed by 8mm, back to 16mm, then super 8mm, back to 8mm” (PLEASE NO!)




Yes, of course. Many of our customers have been doing this for many years. You may well have a modern device – iPad or other large tablet, iPad mini or other smaller tablet, smart phone, Lap top with disk drive (getting rare) or laptop with external disk reader.

The way to go, if you are not sure, is to simply ASK GOOGLE ……..e.g ‘How do I download MPEG video on DVD to iPad?’……….(or to whatever you have)

Then ‘How can I edit MPEG images on devices?’

You’ll be fine! these questions will provide masses of solutions/suggestions on Google (other search engines are available too!)

Many software applications are available on line as a FREE trial ……….this may be all you’ll ever need……but many are for sale too.

This procedure of editing your own home movies is very satisfying, many of our customers have developed this ‘high tech hobby’ in their ‘silver years’ (I refer to those who were ‘silver surfers’ a few years ago.

I wish you every enjoyment with this editing …who knows, you could well produce a ‘Spielburg Oscar winning contender!




VERY quickly these days! Years ago I used to aim to return within 28 days. This meant that there were always a LOT of jobs waiting to be done! – not good for my equilibrium! So we stopped advertising until we ‘caught up’.

Nowadays, we aim to return cine to DVD jobs within a fortnight at most (often much sooner) and tape to DVD/CD jobs even faster than that. If a job is urgent (Golden Wedding party coming up…….etc) I can do a ‘return of post’ job – phone if required.




Simply phone us (01454 772857) to request that we arrange collection of your order via courier. We use a very reliable National courier and nothing has ever been lost in transit in our business.

Ideally, phone the day BEFORE you require collection. we can only say that the collection will be made on the requested day DURING BUSINESS HOURS (9am to 5.30pm) We can NOT specify a time of day or even morning or afternoon.

Best to request collection on a day when you know you will be in all day, OR collection from a neighbour who will be in all day, OR collection from ANY address in the UK where you know that someone will be there – often we are asked to collect from places of work.

Please understand that the driver who collects from you will NOT be our direct employee – he will NOT be able to do ANYTHING other than to take the package from you. Obviously, the package needs to be securely wrapped (as if you were going to post it via Royal Mail)

Do NOT give the driver multiple packages – we will be charged for every one!!! Put your order in ONE suitable sized box (however large) and you can pad inside with crumpled newspaper (or similar)

The charge we make is £10 for any size of order – added to your bill from us – you do NOT pay the driver who collects.

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