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High Definition Recording (HD Recording)

High Definition Recording

TVs in 2K…..4K…..and coming up 8K……what does it all mean? – and how does it affect the services which we provide?

Recently, I treated myself to the Sky Q package as I observed that the Premiership football was now being broadcast in ULTRA HD 4K definition. I do enjoy having the best ‘state of the art’ TV pictures at home – not surprising is it? given what I have been doing since 1984. I had to get the necessary approval from Emily, which she gave, provisional upon her being allowed to make similar ‘upgrades’ to various furnishings in our house, she has always been very ‘House Beautiful concious’!

Our existing TV system was SKY Plus HD feeding two x 2K TVs which we’d had since Sky first started HD broadcasting some years ago. A visit to John Lewis store in Cribbs Causeway, Bristol enabled me to see what this ‘new fangled’ 4K is all about. The now ‘obsolete’ 2K TVs are being cleared out for ‘silly’ money and the 4K ones are a lot cheaper than when they first came out. I have observed that 8K TV is on the horizon……….but not just yet…..and I’m not prepared to wait for that……….!

I invested in a 65 inch 4K TV for our lounge and a 55 inch one for our conservatory. Sky Q was installed in Early September 2016 and I was able to see for myself, what the latest TV systems can do, and also to see how the works that we produce here perform on this new Ultra HD equipment.

High Definition TV

The quality of Broadcast pictures on this new system is really quite astonishing! Ordinary broadcasts (the everyday soaps/news/game shows etc.) are so crisp and clear on these 4K TV sets that both Emily and I agree looks almost in 3D.

Furthermore, when I play our own ‘Memories On Video’ DVDs on a standard DVD player (I got one from Tesco for £19) I see our work played to a better quality than I have ever seen before.

I do recommend that you upgrade to 4K TV if you wish to see your old cine films/camcorder tapes/Betamax and VHS tapes played at the best possible standard.

Please read what I say on our Blu-ray page, I do not believe that your old film/tape items need anything more than our ‘transfer to DVD’ service.

Other operators make outrageous claims about what they can do with your materials……I prefer to DEMONSTRATE with our FREE TRIAL OFFER.