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for VIDEO and AUDIO Tapes

We can repair your audio tapes and video with our tape repair services

By their very nature, tapes are fragile. We have heard of many infuriating episodes where the tape has jammed and become tangled in the machine.

The husband/wife has stamped on and crushed the wedding video. The dog has chewed the video/audio cassette. The tape is broken and the spools are still inside the cassette. The tapes have become mouldy. (Usually retrievable but sometimes beyond our capability)

Repair your audio tapes and video

We have tackled many kinds of repair work, learning from experience as we have proceeded. Whatever the damage to your tape, we invite you to send it in for Cliff’s inspection. If a repair is possible, trust us, Cliff WILL be able to do it.

More often than not, the tape has to be ‘re-housed’ in a new cartridge case, if the tape has been broken, it is spliced to enable us to copy it on to a new recording (DVD for video tape or CD for audio tape)

ONE PRICE ONLY £10 (plus p&p) which includes the repair of your disk, which has often been described as ‘miraculous’

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