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The sizes of tapes pictured here copied to digital DVD for £6 per tape submitted.

If your tape size is NOT in the picture, then sorry we do not do it. (NOT Betamax)

From the left these sizes of tapes, top and underneath are shown

  1. MiniDV video – used in 1990s and 2000s camcorders
  2. 8mm and Hi8 Video – used in 1980s and 1990s
  3. Compact VHS (which needed a full size VHS adaptor) -1980s mainly
  4. Full size VHS video tapes – 1980s onwards

Any VHS video tape or camcorder tapes pictured, however long (max 4 hours per tape) copied to a digital DVD for £6 per tape submitted  N.B. NOT Betamax

(any blank tapes submitted are NOT charged for).

Each tape will be copied to a single DVD ……… compilations of several tapes on to one x DVD are not undertaken.

Each DVD is sent in a plastic envelope, and its ‘parent’  video tape is attached to it with an elastic/rubber band…………………

We NEVER offer a discount… not even for 1000 plus

Turnaround is usually very fast, typically within 48 hours of cleared payment – which must be via credit or debit card. You can enter details on the order form, or make a note on the form asking Emily to call you for details.

Return p&p is just £6 for any size of order.

The DVDs are supplied are ‘RAW VIDEO as VOB files in MPEG on DVD+RW disks’ They will play on any modern DVD player,…….which still appears to be the preferred method of viewing, especially by our more ‘mature’ customers.

The DVDs as described, are the ONLY format which we provide, we do not copy to USB sticks or portable hard drives, but our customers make their own hard drive copies, USB, memory stick – whatever.

The disks are very easily downloaded to modern devices using a DVD reader, (which can be purchased for £10-£20 on Amazon, e.bay etc) …. Our customers have edited and copied our DVDs for many years……. more recently, they are viewed on iPhones, iPads, Android devices and on laptops.

Recently, customers are telling us that they have put our DVDs on’iCloud’ and ‘Google Drive’ so that they can be accessed by family worldwide.

We sincerely believe that we provide the very best achievable quality, at the most affordable price – please do compare with others. When comparing, please check the ‘Google Reviews’, which are the ONLY totally reliable ‘yardstick’.

To see our reviews, please go here www.memoriesonvideo.co.uk and click the ‘menu’ then ‘Customer Feedback’ then ‘Click here to see our Google Reviews’.  Please don’t confuse these ‘Google Reviews’ with other so called 5-star feedbacks – for exampleAmazon’ and ‘Trip Advisor’ have been accused of using ‘malpractice’ with ‘fakes’…and we have actually been asked to join ‘Trust Pilot’ – we refused, we simply do not believe them!

Many of our ‘competitors’ make extravagant claims about what they achieve with their video conversions. Please remember that early domestic video formats were analogue, it is simply not possible to ‘enhance’ these formats to produce ‘Ultra HD or 4K ….. and more!’  as they claim!….. and they charge astronomically  – beware!

Do please get in touch via telephone 01454 772857 or by text to 07513 101 866 – always glad to hear from you, even in the evenings or at weekends, we always reply very promptly to messages on our ansafone, or by text.

Assuring you of our very best personal attention, Cliff and Emily Williams (Joint proprietors)

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