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Warning – Please be aware!

Memories on Video – Warning!

Your photographic memories are priceless! In your own interests, please make certain that you are entrusting them to competent people.

I am, by nature, reluctant to criticize ‘competitors’ – some would say that it is unprofessional. However, my experience over the years has persuaded me that it is only right and proper to make customers aware of the shortcomings of other operators – the materials which you entrust to them are priceless! – and of course, irreplaceable, should some ‘clown’ actually ruin them – yes! it’s happened.

Unfortunately, I have had many imitators over the years – some have actually used the name ‘Memories On Video’ on their services! – and others have actually photocopied pages from our information pack, substituting their name and address where ours appears!

‘Memories On Video’ has been my registered trading name since 1984 – and we are the ONLY business authorized to use it. Please let me know if you see others using it – or indeed using photocopies of my promotional material.

As I’ve told you earlier, this work is very highly skilled. Numerous factors come into play – the preparation of the films, prior to transfer is VITAL, the SPEED of transfer is critical, get it wrong and the result is an intolerable ‘flickering’ image on the TV screen, the addition of titles (captions) and background music takes great accuracy and timing.

Typically, a ‘competitor’ sees my advert. running regularly in the National press. He/she concludes that if I’m advertising regularly I must be doing ‘quite well’ (I am, actually!). They have ‘worked out’ that a copy of a cine film (and slides) ‘can be done’ by using an old projector and recording the image projected on the screen using a camcorder! I believe that MOST of my competitors actually do it this way!

Of course, the results are not just poor – they are DIABOLICAL! – weak, colourless, out of focus, flickering intolerably and a whole host of other shortcomings. – Oh! nearly forgot! – and they ALL ask you to post your priceless materials to a POST OFFICE BOX NUMBER! – WHY? – because they don’t want you knocking their door when things go wrong! Check that the operator is registered for VAT! Can you really take them seriously if they are not?! (our VAT number, by the way, is 920 7466 27). You can also “Google Earth” their postcode – by all means check out ours – BS36 1QT. You’ll see York Gardens at the centre, next to the sports fields. Zoom in – ours is the house with the “bricked over gardens” at front and rear (two circles in rear brickwork) and our studio is the extension on left – next to conservatory roof.

The Customer Feedback page on this web site gives evidence to the results which I produce – I could, by the way, show you thousands of similar letters, going all the way back to the early 1980s.

I am NOT prepared to tell anyone HOW I do it – for obvious reasons – I’ll simply tell you that I devised my own electronic process which intensifies the images to produce crisp, clear and sharp (assuming the original is in focus) pictures in full colour. Please read the remaining sheets carefully – draw your own conclusions. Kindest regards, and assuring YOU of my very best personal attention.